Perks You Can't Ignore
While doing your own computer management may save you money, we at Remaincom understand when a computer problem left unchecked becoming a big, nasty work stopper. Hiring an outside IT firm is a huge convenience. We at Remaincom believe we have one advantage over our competitors: we are human beings, and we approach computers as tools to help us excel. We are not infatuated with the technobabble and over consumption that other IT companies brag about. Remaincom wants you to get back to work.

While we acknowledge not all of the work and services we offer is rocket-science, the convenience of offloading this important task cannot be overstated. Just consider some of the tasks that often are integral to keeping your computers humming:

  • Managing backup and making sure it works.
  • Making sure updates are posted on a regular basis, including the operating system and antivirus/antispyware programs.
  • Troubleshooting peripheral problems, like mice, printers, CD drives etc.
  • Ensuring your software stays current—as it’s appropriate and affordable for your budget.
  • Researching and recommending new hardware, including computers and printers.
  • Troubleshooting networking issues, including internet connectivity and appropriate speed for your budget.
  • Recovering from ultimate disasters and developing backup plans to run your business when your computers are down.
  • Recommendations on using your computers to increase your productivity and being organized.
  • Making changes as your needs change.
Remaincom believes you need to use technology to your advantage, at your speed. We believe that while technology can be miraculous and amazing, it can also be a minefield in navigating the marketing doublespeak and occasional overstatements of promised products. Few realize how time-consuming proper computer maintenance can be, and we at Remaincom want to free you from this chore. Remaincom believes your time is more valuable than technology.